Colin Schumacher

Doctoral candidate: Queensland University of Technology

MA (Theatre and Film Studies) UNSW.      B.Ed (Drama Film and Television) Deakin University.

Colin is the founder of  Making Meaning On Screen Pty Ltd since 2003 and presents teacher and industry training in film production, screen aesthetics and film literacy in a raft of seven screen workshop programs, and has trained over 4,000 K-12 teachers in Australia and Asia.  Colin was Senior Lecturer (Charles Sturt University) in Writing and Directing for Television  production and  has taught for television production houses in Thailand, Vietnam, The Maldives and Taiwan and a consultant for the Channel 7 network – Australia and writer for  the Disney Channel.  

His textbook Making Meaning On Screen  - a Student Handbook was published in 2007 with the second edition planned for 2017. Creating The Seamless Screen Story which teaches advanced film production and film literaacy will be published in 2018. 

Colin presents Australian Government-funded innovative documentary workshop programs sc Our School=Our Community to 42 schools in 5 regional Australian centres, and then to be to Thailand and India. It is hoped to develop these completed teacher and student documentaries into cross-cultural exchanges to be screened on SchoolTube.

Colin has taught and directed in Thailand for 30 years often with Mom Dusdi Paribatra (Princess Sukhumabinan).

He has directed seven main stage theatre productions most recently Der Freischutz for the Metropolitan Opera of Bangkok. He has trained over 5,000 primary and secondary teachers in Creative Drama Techniques across Thailand.

Colin also specialises in devising and directing cross-cultural physical theatre  productions in Thailand. He has worked in Australian television for many years including  A Country Practice,  Film Australia, the 7 Network and for Disney Playhouse.
Colin has a passion for teaching film for primary and secondary teachers and students, and regularly presents his research at international and national conferences.

Colin has directed over 80 theatre productions from Shakespeare to Rock Opera for the Griffin, Ensemble, Riverina, U25, Theatre South, Young Vic (London), Salle Malesherbes (Paris), La Boite, The  Queensland Theatre Company, JUTE, and Nouveau Teatro Compagnie. In Australia he has directed and taught at Actors Centre Australia, the National Institute of Dramatic Art, Griffith Universit, Macquarie University, Sydney University,  Actors College of Theatre and Television, the McDonald College of Performing Arts, the Sydney Institute of Technology and Bond University.  Overseas he has directed and taught at Thammarsat University, Rajabhat Institute: Suan Sunandha; Mahidol University, Nakonsawon, Surin, and Meanprasatvittaya (Thailand); the Hanoi Film and TV Academy; Salle Malesherbes (Paris). Colin has been a marker and senior marker for BOS HSC Drama, and an advisor to a range of educational forums. He has presented his work at International Conferences: BRICS (New Delhi 2016-17); ELLTA Penang (2014); InSea-Mebourne (2011); InSea - Osaka (2008); IDEA Hong Kong (2007), and at UNESCO World Creative Arts Conference, Portugal (2006). He presents at state and national Drama NSW and English ETA conferences. Colin has been a board member of Actors Centre Australia with patron Hugh Jackman and supports the development of film production and film literacy techniques and publishes textbooks, courseware and teaching resources.